Shipping Container Delivery Guidelines

Anyone who decides to purchase a Shipping Container Delivery Guidelines from us should read this guide carefully. Our shipping container delivery guidelines are designed to help you understand everything that entails our service. This includes the delivery requirements, limitations, and site preparation.

At FILCO, we want to provide our customers with the containers they need at the right time and place. That’s why we’re happy to assist you in any way and ensure your deliveries arrive safe and sound.

If you have any concerns about our delivery process, get in touch with us. We’ll evaluate a prospective delivery approach through proper planning and coordination.

General Information About Container Delivery

To deliver your container, FILCO outsources its delivery to local providers to make it simpler for customers to receive their orders. It’s important to note that the customer will waive FILCO of any and all liability that comes with the delivery of their product.

Throughout the delivery, customers can request FILCO to drop their container at a specific location. In case the delivery truck encounters an issue such as getting stuck in transit, the customer will be responsible for ensuring the vehicle is towed back to safety.

Keep in mind that FILCO will not be liable in any manner for damage or loss due to delayed or late deliveries. As per the U.S. Department of Transportation guidelines, the customer is responsible for filing a claim with the delivering carrier in case of damage, loss, or stolen equipment during transit.

Access to Your Site

We will ask customers to make sure that there are no road restrictions, diversions, and any other obstructions throughout the route as we attempt to deliver containers. FILCO only asks to check the local conditions of the route, as we want to know if issues will arise at any point during the delivery.

Please inform us ahead of time if any of the following are present at your designated drop-off point:

  • Presence of hump-backed bridges during transit.
  • Lanes that have low overhanging branches.
  • Low power cables that could get snagged by our delivery truck.
  • Weight limitations on the way to the location.
  • The location can’t handle the size of the delivery vehicle.
  • Any debris or other items that could hinder the delivery of your container.
  • The site can’t accept both the driver and delivery immediately upon arrival.

Once On-Site

Once our delivery truck has arrived at the designated location, it needs to be parked at a stable area at all times. It needs to be extremely close to the drop point at either 90 degrees or parallel to it. This is because the vehicle’s crane system can only lift the container on either of its sides and only has a limited angle for rotation. Not all of our delivery trucks have the capacity to offload from the rear.

The site needs to have sufficient space to allow the stabilizers of the vehicle to extend appropriately on both of its sides. These stabilizers will take up a good amount of area so it’s important to select your drop point carefully.

Drop-Off Point

As stated above, your chosen drop-off point needs to be clear of any overhead obstructions that can cause issues with the delivery of your container. Obstacles such as overhead cables and hanging branches need to be addressed before the arrival of our vehicle.

Some of our delivery truck providers will also not deliver when there are overhead power cables present nearby. This is because of the delivery vehicle’s height and also the height of the trailer when lifting to unload. In case working close to power cables can’t be avoided, please inform us ahead of time so we can find a solution for your delivery.

Delivery truck beds and trailers lift containers starting from the rear of the cab and or front of the trailer. That’s why a lot of overhead clearance is needed.

We can also perform lifts in exhibition areas or large warehouses but you’ll need to inform us in advance. This allows us to make the appropriate preparations to hire crane lifts that will ensure a smooth delivery.

In case overhead clearance is limited at the drop point, we may provide you with a different delivery vehicle depending on the circumstances. There are many halls and warehouses that have limited height clearance so make sure you check carefully and advise us of these restrictions. We also would like to know if there are any other overhead obstacles so we can find a workaround in advance.

Another important aspect to consider for your drop-off point is that we do not recommend placing containers on direct ground. That’s why it’s best to set up the drop point so that we can lower your container’s stable support platforms.

Such supports can be made of concrete, paving, or bricks. Avoid relying on wood and other materials that could compress over time since this can cause leveling problems with your container.

Although only four corners need to have these supports, you must make sure that these points are level with each other throughout the container’s length. Carefully checking these measurements is important to guarantee that all doors and openings will work as intended. A container that has stability problems can easily have operational problems such as being unable to fully open or close.

Once your container has been lowered, you can check to ensure that all of its doors are working as intended before the driver takes away the ability to lift it again. In case the container is out of level, you can request our driver to lift it up again so you can stabilize the faulty support.

Keep on repeating the process until you’ve solved the problem. It’s important to remember, however, that you only have an hour of our driver’s time to accomplish tasks such as these. Of course, you can always request extra time and we’ll simply charge you accordingly.

As an addition to our Shipping Container Delivery Guidelines, we recommend keeping your container raised off the ground. This will help maximize its lifespan and prevent other problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you deliver shipping containers on grass?

As stated earlier, we don’t deliver Shipping Container Delivery Guidelines in grassy areas. We always position our vehicles on solid ground at all times from the point of their arrival to the drop-off.

Our delivery trucks normally aren’t allowed to go on grass, soft earth, and muddy areas. Some of our hauling partners may allow deliveries that go through playing fields but we’ll need to know all of the details in advance.

Perhaps the only instance where we can deliver onto a grassy drop-off point is when our delivery truck can be on level and solid ground such as pavement when doing so. A common example is a vehicle being on the road and close to a field. In these instances, we can unload and drop the container on the grassy location.

Is it possible to deliver a Shipping Container Delivery Guidelines to a driveway?

We can drop your Shipping Container Delivery Guidelines onto your driveway only if our delivery truck can remain on the street the whole time. Depending on the length of your driveway and the length of the container you are renting or purchasing plays a role with driveway delivery.

FILCO also wants to avoid damaging your utility services such as gas and water that could be running beside and beneath your driveway.

How far can your delivery trucks deliver from a paved road?

Our delivery truck partners have different trailers and Roll-off equipment vehicles at the ready. The equipment from these trucks will offer different capacities depending on the needs of each individual customer. That’s why in case you plan to not have your container delivered next to a vehicle, we ask that you let us know about this in advance.

This is because we don’t want to use a big truck to deliver a small container and vice versa as these situations are simply not cost-effective. But if you let us know exactly what your needs are, we can then look to book the type of Roll-back truck and or truck-trailer combo to meet your requirements. Although your overall delivery expense might be a bit higher, it will provide you with the best value in the long run.

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